Welcome to our Developer Center.

Here you can learn how our API works, access API documentation and get ideas for integration.

The API can help you power your projects by enabling your ProjectManager.com data to interact and sync with the tools you already use and the apps you want to create.

ProjectManager.com allows you to integrate with your project data using a simple yet powerful set of REST API. Our rich APIs expose a comprehensive set of ProjectManager.com features to our partners and customers. These include Project and Task management, Timesheeting, Resources and Files.

Using the ProjectManager.com REST API you are able to develop various types of applications.


You can:

  • Create Custom Applications: Create custom applications to gain additional benefits for your organization using your ProjectManager.com data.
  • Integrate with Other Tools: Integrate with desktop authoring tools to bring task management closer to the team member's desktop. Check out our complete list of 3rd party apps and integrations to see if we have already created a solution that suits your needs. You can also check out "What's Zapier" in the menu on this page.
  • Integrate with Internal Systems: Build integrations with your internal data management systems to exchange data that supports workflow.

What You Can Do With the API

The ProjectManager.com API allows you to synchronize data from other systems to your project files and data. Some ideas for integrations include:

  • Synchronize resource data, for example from timesheet applications.
  • Connect workflow management systems to your project data.
  • Transfer files between programs.

API Usage Guidelines

The ProjectManager.com engineering team monitors all usage of the API to ensure a quality experience for users of our service and tool.

  1. Integrations cannot consume the ProjectManager.com API at a rate greater than 1 requests/1 second.
  2. All data passed to ProjectManager.com must be properly encoded and use application/json formatting.
  3. Integrators should use their own public and documented APIs when working with the ProjectManager.com API.
  4. We reserve the right to change or deprecate the APIs over time. We will provide developers with ample notification in those cases.

If you have any questions, please contact us at [email protected].


Our app uses an API key to access the API. Authentication is managed using HTTP authentication (only "Basic" is supported right now). Every request must include the Authorization HTTP header. Use your API key as the apikey.

Your API key can be found by logging into your ProjectManager.com account and opening the account page from the main menu. The API information is on the API tab. By default, this tab is restricted to Admin users only.



We advise making all calls to your ProjectManager.com account over SSL.


The role-based security matrix defined inside ProjectManager.com applies to calls to the API. For example, API calls to add or update tasks will be declined if a user's role was defined with read-only access to the tasks page in ProjectManager.com.

Additionally, project level security is also applied where necessary (for example, the list of projects retrieved from an API call will be determined by the project security settings for all non-admin users.)


ProjectManager.com fully supports Cross-Origin Resource Sharing (CORS), and the HTTP headers that relate to CORS, including pre-flight checks.

You can find out more about CORS here.


If you have any concerns or questions just drop us an email to [email protected]